Riding is not just a Hobby, It’s a Way of Life

Who we are…

Black Girls Ride is not an exclusive racial statement, rather its an inclusive celebration of all women who live to ride. It’s the positive, fearless, unapologetic, take charge attitude we exhibit on these machines, as we navigate the streets of our respective cities. We live the urban biker lifestyle, we work in board rooms and classrooms across the nation, and we find joy on the open road.

Look Inside…

Introducing the first ever motorcycle magazine in celebration of women of color!  Each month, Black Girls Ride Magazine gives you exclusive access into the lives of these women and the bikes they ride.  We’ll profile female MC clubs, professional racers and stunters, each with their own unique stories to tell.  We’ll celebrate their triumphs and accomplishments, while shining a light on their sisterhood.

Celebrate the Passion of the Ride…

Our readers are affluent, culturally diverse, and ever evolving consumers.  We’re not afraid to enjoy the fruits of our labor.  We have dedicated a part of our income to our biker lifestyle and enjoy action motorsports. We plan annually to travel and enjoy our rides.  We own Cruisers & Sportsbikes and take great pride in showing them off.  We are always interested in the hottest and newest bikes, and average a new bike purchase every two years.  From bike maintenance and safety gear, to the hottest new bikes and advances in biker technology, Black Girls Ride Magazine allows our readers to embrace their passion for the urban biker lifestyle.  We are the source for new product launches & reviews, women’s rider fashion, and national events.