First Lady’z MC & SC

March 14, 2011

First Lady’z Motorcycle & Social Club took the set by storm this year! As one of the first clubs to bring MC and SC together as one, these ladies set trends and gave the LA set a reason to take notice. President and Founder Stephanie “Ms. Philly” Flagg brought the ladies out to our Black Girls Ride San Diego photo shoot and allowed us to catch the First Lady’z in all their splendor.

Q. Tell us about First Lady’z MC/SC founding and chapters…
A. First Lady’z Motorcycle Club was founded on July 17th 2010. The founding members are Ms. Philly, VP, SunShine, Nea Nea, Toni2Fine, Heart Throb, Dutchess, Foxy Lady & Sweet Pea. Our Founder and President Stephanie “Ms Philly” Flagg, made sure that when we rolled on the “set”, everyone reconized we are the “Premier All Female Motorcycle Club” winning awards and cash prizes at most Southern California Motorcycle Riders Association (S.C.M.R.A) events. Our Mother Chapter is in Pomona, CA, and now we have our Los Angeles Chapter and a chapter in Arizona.

Q. What’s the club’s mission or motto?
A. Our Motto is “Defining a Womans Worth”.

Q. What are your favorite cities or roads to ride?

A. We love to travel together to Vegas, Arizona, Fresno, Oakland, San Diego, and since we are newly formed as a group, we welcome the chance to travel mid-east on our bikes.

Q. What annual events do you promote?
We will support our S.C.M.R.A in whatever fuctions they place on the Annual calendar. We expect the support when we hold our events, it’s a family-affair. If you have a toy-run, event to feed the homeless, or raise money for a worthy cause WE are there.

Q. What should a woman look for in an MC club?
A. UNITY- It’s a marriage when you select a club to call “home”. We would suggest to any woman looking for a club, bring yourself to the table and what you need, a good family will help you reach your goals. Our club, will not fault a woman for short-comings, because change is in us all.

Q. What does your club look for in a member?

A. We look for members who have open minds and a spirit that is willing to keep an open heart on change. Change is not easy but you must be willing to consider allowing yourself to rise to become the best woman you can be. We all have areas within ourselves that need encouragement, motivation or to be checked once in a while. We exemplify being a lady at all times even in anger. That is a true test of unique character.

Q. Are there any last words you’d like to leave us with?
A. The First Lady’z believe it’s possible to ride in harmony with all motorcyclists regardless of sex or race. The freedom of riding is NOT enough; a group must have purpose, presence and goals. The goals of the First Lady’z are continuously changing as we grow in numbers and pride ourselves to keeping the organization strong and together.

For more information about First Lady’z Motorcycle or Social Club visit us on Facebook,!/pages/First-Ladyz-MC/114410788606034


  1. Kisha Ms. LADY MC Smith

    Just wanted to make a point 2 give much luv and respect to First Ladyz for there unity, there drive, and the ability to stand as one, and be that family that some need from the set. I commend you all, keep up the good work, and keep ur head up. Much luv an respect from Stilettos & Chrome MC. Ms. LADY…….2 Heels 2 Wheels = 4 Sisterhood.

  2. I just want say how proud I am to call myself a FIRST LADYZ

  3. Thanks Ms. Lady MC for that love. We are truly “our sisters keeper”. Like BaBee Girl, I am so proud to be a 1st Lady.


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