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I’m someone who likes to ride with a peanut helmet (I know, not the best for safety). I usually wear it when it’s hot or when I just want to look cute around town. I’ll wear sunglasses and a handkerchief over my face to catch the dust and debris that will fly up when I’m on the road. You’ll always catch a pebble to the face when riding behind someone. So, when I saw the Second Face On face protector at the EasyRider Bike Show, I thought this might just be the answer.

Official Product Description:
“The body of our mask consist of a special impact resistant polycarbonate blend designed to protect you face from the ravages of the Elements along with flying objects (rocks, bugs, hail, stones propelled from tires of trucks and cars, while at the same time is remarkably light weight. You can now relax and enjoy your ride. Second Face On gives your face UVA and UVB protection. The air flow design allows for the feel of the ride at the same time keeping your face comfortable when the temperature drops. Enjoy it in the rain, the design helps the rain drops roll right off helping with the clear visibility.”

Available in all colors, with custom hand painted options available, I bought a custom painted black cherry flake mask to match my Hayabusa. I couldn’t wait to try it out the next day. It’s very easy to use, with one strap that secures it to your face. You can use it with or without a peanut or open face helmet. When I took it out for the initial test, I noticed that there were air vents underneath the eye ports and along the sizes of the nose section. After I got to about 30 MPH, I started to pick up air in my eyes. I doubled back to my house and added the vent pads that came with the mask. This reduced the air in the vents to none. I hopped on the freeway to see how it would perform. I honestly felt just like I had on a full face helmet, with none of the bulk. The only noticeable issue was when I would look over my shoulder to switch lanes. I noticed the mask shift a bit and had to readjust it mid ride. This particular day was a intermediate riding day with some of my friends, so I was able to note the performance at high speeds. Without being specific, I was able to use the mask comfortably while out running most of the pack. I also loved that the lens would darken or lighten with the sun, so there’s no need to wear sunglasses that may shift uncomfortably while riding. It also allows me to wear prescription glasses if I need to. With that said, the Second Face On mask makes a great addition to an open face helmet, but it would in no way replace a full face helmet.

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Review by Porsche Taylor

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