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Guest Blog Post Submission and Publishing Guidelines

If you would like to submit a guest post to Black Girls Ride Magazine, follow the instructions below for consideration.  Only guest posts that meet these criteria will be considered for publishing.

  • The post must be useful to the readers of this blog and fit within under the following subjects:  Biker Events (Event Recaps only – no promotional posts), Travel Stories (On Ground Only), Female Motorcycle Club or Independent Female Rider Profiles, Biker Stuff (anything that would interest bikers), Eye Candy Submissions (Gentlemen who ride).
  • It must be new, unpublished content.
  • The post must be grammatically correct and well-written.
  • The post must not include marketing-related links and must not be entirely self-promotional.  (These would be considered Sponsored Post and there is a fee charged.  Request our media kit for rates.
  • Please add pictures that correspond with your post, as well as a thumbnail along with photo credits.
  • Submit your posts to in Word format.

In return for your contribution, we will do the following:

  • The post may include links to your website and blog in a brief author’s bio (approximately 3-5 sentences), which will be published at the end of the guest post.
  • We will also include you to our Contributors Page which includes your bio and links to your sites.
  • We will promote your post through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and StumbleUpon.

Our expectation of you:

  • We ask that you help to promote your post through your social media and/or blog. This helps to build traffic to the site, as well as grow your audience.
  • You can also link to this site on your blog, letting your readers know that you have been featured.

We reserve the right to change titles to fit the blog and capture the attention of the reader.
Guest posts that are approved for publishing will be published with notice.