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“I have been riding my own wheels for the past 17 years and counting! What inspired me to start riding was growing up my mom couldn’t keep me off anything with wheels and I mean ANYTHING lol. As a teenager I would be in a complete trans anytime I heard a bike coming my way.

A lot of my older family members ride motorcycles as well which kept me around clubs. I just love everything that comes with the ride.

My first bike was a 2004 Kawasaki Ninja 250. I had decided when I got home from college I was going to buy my first bike and that’s just what I did. I remember going into the dealer in Long Island alone and the guy just kept smiling at me like, “you really want to buy a bike?” Back then ladies were still like unicorns walking into a dealer wanting to buy a bike.

I had a choice between the brand new 250 Ninja or the 02 Honda CBR 600 and me not knowing any better I got the 250cc because it was new. VERY shortly after a few months of riding, I knew I should of got the 600cc, but I still had a bike so I wasn’t to upset.

I remember pulling up to my uncles house and taking it off the truck and went for my first ride. That feeling of the wind and sun hitting my face on the open road was indescribable. We road along the mountains for hours. I didn’t want to get off, and I’ve been riding ever since.✊🏾”

Lady Ray from Yonkers, NY rides a 2007 Yamaha R1.

📸 @ladyray_914

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