Road Queens MC: 2014 Beautiful Bikers Award Honorees

Beautiful Bikers / Features / October 17, 2014

We are excited to announce throad queens instagram flyere women of Road Queens MC as our Beautiful Bikers Honorees for the 2nd Annual Beautiful Bikers Celebration for Women Who Love the Ride.   The Beautiful Bikers Award is presented to a group or club who exhibits Excellence in Sisterhood and Gained Mileage on Motorcycle Rides through two or more states in a group 2014.

Founded on January 22, 2005, as a Non-Profit Organization, Road Queens MC has developed a legacy of traveling thousands of miles, while  strengthening their bond as a sisters, through the sport of motorcycling.  They are well known for their state to state rides and are an inspiration to all  riders, nationwide.  Since their inception in Stockton, CA, their roots have grown to include chapters in Arizona and Las Vegas.  With their commitment to riding and sisterhood, Road Queens MC, are true icons in the motorcycle community and embody the true spirit of The Beautiful Bikers Award.

Porsche Taylor
Brand Builder .: Music Lover :. Sportbike Rider When not developing brand campaigns, spinning at the hottest parties, or on her way to #occupythegym, Porsche Taylor can be found rolling on her pink Hayabusa, and always living her best life.

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on December 9, 2014

Dear Beautiful Bikers,

Congratulations on another successful event! You ladies are the epitome of class, beauty, sisterhood, courage and service to others. You deify others, share your triumphs and stumbles and we are All the beetle for sharing our experience, strength and hope! Little did I know in my second half century of life +14 I would have a whole new world of inspiring women in my life!

Love you!

Ride safe!

God bless you and your loved ones!

Doc Gee
(909) 917-4062

on January 26, 2015

Congratulations Queens and keep up the good work in representing female riders from every where.

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