Beautiful Bikers / May 23, 2022

“My inspiration to learn how to ride started when I was young. Growing up watching action-packed films with motorcycles, such as the Matrix, Tomb Raider, Kill Bill, and Akira. I fell in love with the style and coolness of these two-wheeled speed machines. ⁠

My first time on two wheels was actually on a little Wolf Lucky moped in college. That solidified my decision to get a bigger motorcycle after graduation!⁠

No one in my family has a motorcycle, and I never got the chance to ride as a passenger, but I knew I had to get one. ⁠

This year, I bought my Bonneville aka John Henry, and it has been such a fun experience tacking on miles after miles. Getting that wind and throttle therapy makes riding so worth it. Keep the shiny side up!” ⁠

Folasade from Sterling Heights, MI rides a 2020 Triumph Bonneville T100 Black.⁠

📸: @saderomika

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