Geared Up: Sidi’s Apex Lei Riding Boots

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Sidi Apex Lei Women's BootSince our first review of the Sidi Vertigo Lei Boot in 2011, we’ve been a fan of Sidi’s protection.  As we begin our fall riding gear series, we’re taking an in-depth look at the Vertigo Lei’s mid range sister, the Sidi Apex Lei.

The Apex Lei is built around a lady’s specific foot mold.  This is great for a secure fit and comfortable handling during the ride.  The boot fits snug, but not too tight.  With any boot you first try on, these are going to be a bit stiff.  You will need to wear them and break them in for maximum comfort.  The quarter length is great for women with big calves.  They are high enough to work with full leathers.  They also work during daily use and may be worn with jeans over them or tucked in.  You really only notice the stiffness when walking.  Once on the bike, these are very comfortable.  Sidi’s patented Vertebra System protects the rider’s achilles tendon, and removes the stiffness usually felt in new boots during shifting. They seem to be made perfectly for the set up of a sportbike.   The adjustable air vents are great for keep your feet cool on a hot day.

Sidi offers replaceable bolt on parts for the Apex Lei, which add a tremendous value to the boot for the cost.  Bolt on parts ensure that your protection stays in place when you need it most.  It’s great to be able to replace the toe, ankle and heel scuff pads should you need to.  Sidi also offers replaceable soles, allowing you to keep wearing your boots for years to come.  The comfort, adjustability and replaceable hardware make Sidi’s Apex Lei boots a great choice for the money.  Find them on sale for just $225 at

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on February 12, 2015

I was interested in the Sidi Mythos riding sneaker. Any review of these shoes?

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