Product Review: Viking Cycle “Haughty” Leather Vest

Features / Geared Up / December 26, 2014


We’re starting the new year with our new product review series, “BGR Geared Up: Real Reviews by Real Riders”. We’ll be posting reviews of products as tested by real riders just like you. Our goal isn’t to sell the products we review, but rather, provide actual useful feedback on issues from sizing and pricing, to durability and safety.

“Haughty” Vest Features:

  • VikingCycle’s Haughty motorcycle vest is a classically designed outfit for women riders and pilots.
  • Constructed using premium cowhide leather, the Haughty includes adjustable side laces so riders can custom fit to their specific waist sizes. This also comes in handy when riders bundle up for colder months or slim down in the summer, so it really depends more on the weather.
  • Once the winter begins to warm and riders are ready to tackle a new season, riders can tighten the Haughty side laces to allow for more form-fitting and less clothing to be worn. A rider’s changing wardrobe shouldn’t dictate the level of comfort in the Haughty vest, because all under garments are welcomed.
  • The interior and exterior are manufactured with the same ruggedness through the vest, but the Haughty’s durable front closure system is what keeps riders snug in their clothing.
  • Maintaining that comfortable yet rugged feeling is the Haughty’s inner lining.
  • Dual side zippered pockets work well to keep hands warm or personal items protected, whichever suits the rider the best.
  • An interior pocket is featured to store personal items, which comes in rather handy if the outside pockets are busy holding the rider’s hands in the wintertime.

In episode 1, has requested a review of their new Viking Cycle Haughty Motorcyle Vest. We asked our guest rider Cheri Harris to give us her opinion on the fit and feel of the vest. Check out what she had to say…

Find the Viking Cycle “Haughty” Leather Vest and More at:

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