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Hawg Divas MC, L.A.’s first all female MC, has been on the LA set for over a decade. Led by President and Founder, Brown T. Sugar, meet the ladies that broke the Southern California gender divide and brought women on ground into the new millenium.

Q. Tell us about HAWG DIVAS MC…
A. Hawg Divas is the first all Female motorcycle club that established in Los Angeles, CA in or around about 1999 by Brown T. Sugar, MoShuga and two other member that are now members of another motorcycle club in. They had a club house in Long Beach California. Hawg Divas was the first female motorcycle club that started the crystallized helmet as apart of their HAWG DIVA uniform.

Hawg Divas has only one chapter; we are about quality not quantity. The club was started because Brown T. Sugar had been riding along side a man for over a decade when she realized that when riding with men they are so egoistic, arrogant and cocky. They try to test your ability on how you can handle the speed and control of the bike, so they would try to leave you behind trying to gain speed to keep up with them. For instance, her first husband didn’t believe she could keep up with him. So he calls himself trying to test her ability to ride her bike. One day, they stop at a red light. Suddenly when the light turns green, he speeds off thinking he is going to leave her behind. Little did he know she was right behind him, almost about to pass him right up. After that, she knew that any woman can ride just as good as a man, and even better. One day she woke up with a vision to start an ALL Female Motorcycle Club, which would allow women to ride with class, elegance, grace and dignity as well as bringing a DIVA touch to it with the crystallized helmets and vest. In this vision along with her peers, Hawg Divas has been around for over a decade now, and are well known and respected on the MC sets.

Q. What’s the club’s mission or motto?
A. To promote a positive image of women motorcyclist who enjoy riding and building their motorcycle riding skills.

Q. What are your favorite cities or roads to ride?
A. We have about five (5) places we like to ride San Diego, CA, Mandera, CA, Las Vegas, NV, Lake Elsinore and Fresno, California. Fresno will always stand out as a 
memorial place because was a first run for one of the sisters had just got her bike and she was on that highway like she been riding for years.

Q. What should a woman look for in an MC club?
A. UNITY first then LOVE and RESPECT,

Q. What does your club look for in a member?
A. We look for LOYALTY, MORALS must not carry any baggage (ie BAD REPSENTATION) MUST BE A RIDE OR DIE CHICK!! Last must be able to UNITE with all sisters as one. BONDAGE through sisterhood

Q. What is your criterion for membership?
Own or ride a Harley (HAWG) we look for someone to have character, principle, integrity. Someone that works well with a group as well as individuals must have a positive attitude.

Q. Are there any last words you’d like to leave us with?
A. Last remark is NEVER PULL UP ON A GROUP OF WOMEN RIDERS REVING YOUR ENGINE BECAUSE WE WILL LET THEM HAVE IT OUTTHERE ON THAT ASPAULT. Just ask about the female that wore the crystal helmet….. We are the one and only HAWG DIVAS MC SoCal…

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