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Q. Tell us about OG ROUTE 66 MC…
A. The Original Route 66 Motorcycle Club was founded in 1988 by Charles “Big Mac” McMillian in Los Angeles, Ca. We are an organization that strives to be an active and positive force in our community.

Q. What’s the club’s mission or motto?
A. Our goal is to surround ourselves with bikers that share our valves of promoting highway safety, charity, and promoting a positive image in our community.

Q. What does your club look for in a member?
A. We look for a number of things in potential members. Besides of course having a bike and knowing how to ride we look for a particular mindset & heart in each person. Because we are the type of club that truly lives this lifestyle on a 24/7 basis we are extremely critical about whom we bring into our family. Loyalty, dedication, and a true uncut passion for the true biker lifestyle is a must. We don’t consider ourselves members, we are family and our own individual families are also involved with this lifestyle we have chosen. Right down to our kids.

Q. What is your criterion for membership?
A. The Original Route 66 Motorcycle Club accepts members that are both male & female above the age of 30 with a motorcycle (with valid M1) of at least 650cc, Motorcycle Insurance and a passion for the open road unlike any other!
Q. What annual events do you support?
We support a number of annual charity events such as Rip’s Bad Ride, The M.S. Walk, Rolling Deep 4 Charity Rosarito Run, a number of Breast Cancer functions and A few annual Outlaw Events across the country.

Q. What are your favorite cities or roads to ride?
Although we have been border to border and coast to coast, our favorite rides are our infamous “Breakfast Runs”. We love traveling 300-400 miles one way for breakfast and coming back home in the same day.

Q. What should a woman look for in a club?
A. A woman should look for a number of different things in a club. First off, do some research on the club, be a hang-around first. Know what you are getting into! Look at how the women carry themselves (including how they dress). Are these women positive, are they doing something good in their community. Do They Ride?? Look for women whom are uplifting each other & networking with other positive women. Does the lifestyle of the club fit my life? What type of an asset can I be to this organization? How can this club benefit me?

Q. Any last words you’d like to leave us with?
Life is too short to leave that bike in the garage! Get out, ride and enjoy life!

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