Product Review: Schuberth’s C3W PRO Modular Helmet

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IMAG3312Back in 2011, I discovered Schuberth and their C3W Modular Helmet, the first flip up helmet engineered with a woman in mind.  I fell in love with the C3W after the first ride, and after taking a nasty fall in the summer of 2011 and experiencing no head trauma, the C3W quickly became my favorite for daily riding and long distance rides.  That was until I tried the new CW3 Pro.

Sarah Schilke, fellow rider and Schuberth’s marketing manager, offered me an opportunity to test out the new C3W Pro for Black Girls Ride and over the past week, I’ve ridden in the helmet daily to get an honest feel for their latest model.

 Meet the C3W Pro:

The C3W Pro pushes the bar even higher as Schuberth’s top of the line.  At $769, it’s important to show our readers why this helmet does not come cheap.  Here’s what you get for the money:

• Lightest Weight Flip-Up Helmet
• Most Stable Modular at High Speeds
• World’s Quietest Flip Up Helmet, period.
• Comes with 3-Year Service Plan and the Mobility Program
• Cutting edge Schuberth safety and technology

While I was in love with my first C3W, there’s always room for growth.  It’s clear to see that Schuberth listened to riders and made a few slight tweaks and, with the improvements to their latest model, Schuberth still manages to come out on top in all categories.  The C3W Pro was built to perform as a flip up SPORT RIDING HELMET.  They’ve taken into account that sport bike riders move at higher speeds and incorporated a few key adjustments into their technology.

Here’s what’s new:

New Design – I was given the Custom Pearl Pink C3W Pro with the dark ruby lining.  Sarah also looked out and gave me the iridium face shield, which gives it a bad ass look and feel.  Right off, the new C3W Pro right off caught my eye. I love the look of the new air vents and the new aero-dynamic spoiler on the back.  In the higher speeds, I did notice the helmet was slightly more stable than my C3W.  Schuberth is known for being pretty basic in colors in the US, so I have to note that the pearl pink color is beautiful.  I’m not in love with the “dark ruby” lining, but I don’t hate it.  The ruby lining material is easy to clean and the color was chosen to better mask make-up residue.  I do love that they offer more accessories, including tinted visors.  I can switch the lining out for the “black pepper” color, which probably won’t get as dirty as quick.

Comfort Lining – Schuberth had already won me over with the first C3W, which focused on getting the fit just right for women.  Schuberth was also the first to introduce an anti-bacterial, hypo-allergenic sweat wicking helmet liner to keep your face cool, clean and comfortable throughout your ride. They’ve made a few upgrades, notably with added cushion in the headliner.  For the helmet to truly do its job, it must fit very snug.  In the older model, this often resulted in uncomfortable imprints on the forehead caused by the seams in the lining.  The C3W Pro now has less seams, for a more comfortable fit.  Added cheek pad zippers, make removal for washing fairly easy.

Ventilation – The new C3W Pro has larger outflow vents and more mesh in the neck collar.  This results in improved ventillation and 60% more overall airflow.  That’s a neat benefit, especially considering the C3W Pro is still the quietest flip up helmet on the market.

Acoustics – A quiet helmet makes a happy rider.  The C3W Pro has improved on their earlier technology, making it even quieter than it’s C3W predecessor.  They’ve added sound-dampening flocking is on the EPS (styrene) protective liner for increased sound dampning, extra padding in the neck collar and wind deflectors on the bottom front for an upgraded acoustics package.

Bonus: Upgraded SRC Bluetooth System
The SRC System integrates the Cardo Com System seamlessly into the neck collar of the C3W Pro.  Gone are the days of weird attachments to the side of your helmet or fumbling with earphones and mp3 players during a ride.  Now, with the SRC System, all your controls are right at your fingertips, and voice activated.  The SRC System also has FM radio. The upgraded C3W Pro has the antenna and Bluetooth receiver built into the helmet which enhances the FM radio reception and increases distance between rider-to-rider communication up to half a mile.

The Bottom Line:
I’ve lived in this helmet for the last 10 days, reaching speeds up to 140 MPH.  If you’re a serious rider, and looking for a comfortable helmet for daily use or touring, the C3W Pro is right for you.  At $769 for the helmet and SRCS for the C3 Pro Women is $429  (3-way comm is also a feature of the C3 version), it’s a great investment in your safety and comfort.

See you in the streets!
Porsche Taylor
Black Girls Ride Magazine

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