RIDER PROFILE: Cynthia Sublett

Beautiful Bikers / March 15, 2022

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“About 13 years ago, I decided I did not want to be on the back of my husband’s bike, anymore. Shortly after, he bought me my first motorcycle which was a yellow Buell Lightning XB.⁠

I took the safety course, and got a license, dropped her once, got back on, and kept moving forward. Then I was deployed.⁠

Little did I know while I was deployed my nifty little starter bike was being dismantled, parts being used for a custom motorcycle build. Upon my return my husband simply said; “I don’t feel safe having you ride” and that was that.⁠

Well, I’m back and single🙃 as well as the happy owner of my second motorcycle, a 2020 Indian Scout Bobber named Chernyy. Getting back on the road felt like riding a bike, quickly picked it up, it was second nature. ⁠

I took another safety course to re-familiarize myself and I am blessed to have the opportunity to ride with an amazing group of women I call family. ⁠

Since riding again, I’ve learned that the motorcycle community is a unique one-of-a-kind family that is open to sharing their experiences, knowledge, and recommendations.⁠

There is no better joy than being on those open back roads which my family likes to refer to as our ‘destination to nowhere’ the greatest pleasure I have found since riding again.⁠

Those rare moments when I pull up to a crowd, take off my helmet and see the eyes light up a random little girl as she points and says; “That’s a lady!”

Cynthia Sublett from Chesapeake, VA rides a 2020 Indian Scout Bobber.⁠

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