Beautiful Bikers / May 13, 2021


“In 1987 at the age of 20, I was given my first ride on a motorcycle in the mountains of California. My one and only ride that I’ll never forget at the beginning of my Marine Corps career.⁠

20 years later just before I retired from the Marine Corps I picked up my first bike (CBR 954 RR). I spent time doing a little bit of drag racing, exploring history, having bikes customized and riding long distance to many different states – meeting new people and reconnecting with fellow Marines.⁠

When I rode my Indian Chieftain Darkhorse with the 26″ wheel to California and back…I didn’t want to come home. I stopped at the 4 corners and spent all day there talking with the Native Americans and met some famous one. ⁠

My favorite sights so far is the Grand Canyon and the Colorado Mountains. I have a few more places to venture out to like Maine, Alaska, Northeast, Canada and even other countries. ⁠

I’ve been riding for 15 years and my 4 bikes are named after Transformers…They help me transform into a blissful state of mind.⁠

I hope to see you on the road. Ride Safe My Friends.”⁠

Johnnie aka “Storm” from Suffolk, VA rides 2020 Indian Chief Vintage – “Alpha Trion”⁠

⁠📸 @stormjackson51


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