Beautiful Bikers / December 23, 2021

“When I was about nine years old my uncle brought his motorcycle over to my house. I was amazed and that planted the seed for me. ⁠

It wasn’t until I watched the movie Lost Boys and saw my favorite wrestler, The Undertaker, riding on a motorcycle that made me want to get one when I got older. ⁠

For months I would pass by a motorcycle dealership and wave hello while driving a school bus. Fast forward to 2019, I got my motorcycle endorsement and bought a 169cc scooter. ⁠

It’s been so much fun. I would pick my kids up from their bus stop and bring them home or ride around in the neighborhood with them. Even though I was riding around on a scooter, bikers never gave me a hard time. They were very supportive. ⁠

I started watching motorcycle safety videos and followed women who rode motorcycles on Instagram and YouTube. I got my first motorcycle in August. I’m so happy!”⁠

Michelle Gonzalez from Memphis, TN rides a 2015 Harley Davidson 750 Street and 2019 SYM Fiddle 200i.⁠



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