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Ride To Eat (RTE) Meet Ups give riders a great opportunity to enjoy a ride, good food, and great company.  Iron Butt aficionado Shareef AsSadiq arranged a great RTE to Bad to the Bone in San Juan Capistrano to meet with the long distance icon, Del Lonnquist.  Sarah SeCCRet Moreau gives us a great recap about last night…

BIKER LIFE: On March 23, 2016, I had the most amazing opportunity to ride my motorcycle with Del Lonnquist an 81 year old Iron Butt Association Living Legend with a side car and pop up tent that enjoys riding his motorcycle cross country!

3:30pm – My Sister Christina Farr and I meet up in West Los Angeles to start our journey to meet Del Lonnquist at Bad to the Bone in San Juan Capistrano. We split lanes on the 405 FWY Southbound from Wilshire Blvd to Long Beach Blvd while talking on our Sena Bluetooth communication systems.

4:25pm – Christina and I exit Long Beach Blvd. We immediately notice our sister Porsche Taylor is waiting. We park our motorcycles next to Porsche’s to wait for our brother Michael Lowry. We talk for a while before noticing the time. Christina and Porsche decide I should lead our three person pack because I have loud pipes so the cars can move out the way while we split lanes from Long Beach. They both know I prefer riding in the back of the pack…lol

4:39pm – I send a text message to Michael to let him know we will wait another five (5) minutes before we ride off. Michael shows up as we start to take off. We follow behind Michael…I’m second, Christina is third and Porsche in fourth position and I don’t have to lead the pack! lol

5:30pm – We arrive early to Bad to the Bone. We grab a table, order some drinks and appetizers and talk about Biker Life.

A little after 6:00pm, we hear motorcycles riding through the parking lot. It’s Del, Shareef AsSadiqJoe Tatro, Hollywood and McKnasty. We rush outside to meet Del Lonnquist!

RTE with Del LonnquistAfter Del gets off his motorcycle, Christina, Porsche and I rush over to greet him with hugs and request pictures to document this historical moment.

1502480_976798392368063_7941313653438034184_nDel gives us instructions on how to properly mount onto a motorcycle with a side car. We actually get to sit on Del’s motorcycle…humbled and honored!

After the cell phone photoshoot in the parking lot, we all go inside the restaurant to order dinner and share stories about our biker life experiences and listen to Del read a song written by his deceased wife Lois from page 122 of his book Discovering Life After Alzheimer’s-The 26,000 Mile Ride.

Del signs all of our books and took pictures with us after dinner.

It was truly an honor to be part of the trust worthy team to escort Del through the night from San Juan Capistrano to Newhall to avoid early morning rush hour traffic the following day in Los Angeles.

Thank you Reef for bringing us all together to meet Del Lonnquist!

Thank you Del for sharing your beautiful love story with Lois and your life journey and for being such an inspiration!

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