Schuberth’s New E1 Helmet – Adventure and Sport Collide!

Geared Up / October 16, 2015

10SCHU15 E1 - 2A few months back, we were invited by our friends at Schuberth to attend a top secret gathering of press and dealers to take a sneak peek at the new E1 adventure helmet.  It offers the best of the C3 Pro series, with added functionality for the adventure rider.  We were immediately excited by the aggressive graphics, adjustable visor and new air intake system.  The E1 is now available at the AIMExpo in Orlando, FL, and will be coming to a dealer near you!  Here’s what’s new:

Up to now, riders of travel enduros and adventure bikes have faced a certain dilemma when it came to choosing their helmets: sport and touring helmets lack the ventilation needed to cope with the physical exertion of off-road riding, as well as a peak to protect the helmet cutout, for example from stones and debris. Enduro and MX helmets, on the other hand, have neither the aerodynamics nor the comfort or versatility that motorcyclists are used to from the likes of the Schuberth flip-up helmet C3 Pro. With the new E1, Schuberth has the solution for that dilemma since the innovative dual sport helmet combines the best features and functionality of the flip-up helmet with the look and feel of an adventure helmet.

10SCHU15 E1 - 3Like on other Schuberth flip-up helmets, the chin part of the E1 is easily unlocked and flipped up along with the visor and the peak to put the helmet on and off or just take a break. The visor is scratch resistant and free of distortions, provides UV protection, is equipped with an anti-fog screen, and is easily changed without tools. For glare protection, there is a scratch resistant sun visor with 80 per cent tint integrated into the helmet, which is easily deployed with a lever on the lower edge. The E1 has been developed in the in-house wind tunnel, meaning that beside its compact dimensions, it is also predestined for use at the highest speeds by its low aerodynamic drag. A spoiler ensures that the E1 does not create lift, standing neutrally in the wind without weaving, while its aerodynamic shape also makes it a very quiet helmet. The large peak above the field of vision flips up along with the visor and chin part and is designed in such a way as to neither influence aerodynamics nor wind noise. The peak has three different positions to adjust it to different requirements in off-road and street use. At the same time, the visor opens independently of the peak. Depending on the application and individual preference, the E1 may be worn with visor and peak, visor only or peak only, with protective eyewear being recommended for the latter.

10SCHU15 E1 - 1For optimum ventilation and sufficient oxygen supply in strenuous off-road riding, the Schuberth E1 is equipped with a complex system of ventilation ducts within its inner shell, as well as three independently controlled ventilation circuits. The head ventilation ensures a pleasant air circulation throughout the helmet. The visor ventilation prevents the visor from fogging. Finally, the large additional chin ventilation with air filter supplies the rider with plenty of clean breathing air when the going gets tough.

The external shell of the new E1 is made of a glass fibre reinforced thermosetting matrix. Depending on the size, two differently sized outer shells are used. The inner shell is made of EPS of different degrees of hardness for a perfect fit, combined with the highest comfort and optimum safety. Safety is increased even further by the Anti-Roll-Off-System (A.R.O.S.), ensuring a safe fit at crunch time. The interior trim of the E1 is antibacterial, breathable and certified according to the Oeko-Tex 100 standard, as well as removable, washable and quick-drying. Different sizes of cheek cushions are available to match the fit to different head shapes. In addition, the E1 has two pre-installed antennas for optimum Bluetooth® and FM radio reception even at high speed. These antennas are prepared for installation of the optional SRC-System™ which is fully integrated into the helmet for wireless communication with the pillion and other riders, as well as hands-free talking on the telephone via smartphone, enjoying music and listening to the directions of navigation systems.

The adventure helmet Schuberth E1 is presented to the public for the first time on the AIMExpo trade fair in Orlando, Florida from October 15 to 18, 2015. Available in seven sizes from XS through XXXL, the helmet will hit the shelves in the spring of 2016 in five solid colours and five attractive decors. The visor will be offered as an accessory in seven different colours and the sun visor in five different specifications.

We can’t wait for the opportunity to review the E1 firsthand, from a rider’s perspective!

Check out more pics from our sneak peek!

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