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Editor's Note / November 4, 2013

There’s nothing quite like the freedom you feel on a motorcycle.  This magazine and website is dedicated to those of us who chase this freedom.  Women who go unnoticed in their daily lives, but become queens on a throne when it’s time to ride.   This is dedicated to those who know that riding is the cheapest form of therapy, and use the open road to find peace and solace.  Here’s to many years on ground.  May you continue to keep the shiny side up and the rubber to the road.   And may you never ride faster than your angel can fly…

Porsche Taylor
Brand Builder .: Music Lover :. Sportbike Rider When not developing brand campaigns, spinning at the hottest parties, or on her way to #occupythegym, Porsche Taylor can be found rolling on her pink Hayabusa, and always living her best life.

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